Keepcups Reusable Glass and Plastic Travel Mugs & Cups

What are KeepCups?

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KeepCups are reusable travel mugs and cups for the eco-friendly businesses looking to reduce the amount of waste accrued by disposable cups.

Made from just 86g plastic, the KeepCup reduces the amount of plastic waste per year by up to 900g based on an average of 300 disposable cups used.

Brighten up your Canteen with KeepCups!  Keepcups can bring a pop of colour to any canteen and are suitable for use in most professional coffee machines.  They are barista approved and the components come in over 40 colours.  KeepCups are designed to be mix-n-matched. Whatever your corporate brand colours – KeepCups have a shade that will show off your brand perfectly.


What are KeepCups Made From?

 Keepcup Original Plastic what is it made from     

The Original KeepCup is made from BPA and BPS free plastic. It is made of heat-resistant Polypropylene #5 which is the best food grade plastic for KeepCup due to its thermal stability.

  • The cup is made from polypropylene
  • The lid is made from LDPE #4
  • The plus is a polyethylene polymer called TPU
  • The Thermal non-slip band is made from silicone.
  • The cup, lid and plug are manufactured in Victoria, Australia. The band is made and printed in China.

Keepcup Brew Glass what is it made from

KeepCup Brew is a glass reusable cup with the same thermal band, lid and plug as the Original version. Simply hold using the thermal band as glass is hot when filled.

What colours do KeepCups come in?  

To view the full range of colours and pantone references please download our KeepCup Brochure here.

How can I get my brand identity on a KeepCup?

KeepCups Brand Your Own KeepCup

  • Corporate branding to thermal band is available from 240 units.
  • Up to 3 colour print available.
  • Printing dimensions 19x50mm
  • Full Bespoke pantone matching available from 10000 units


How to Order your Company’s KeepCup

Simply email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 01 6100079.

Why not surprise your key staff with a gift of a KeepCup or impress your clients with this eco-minded product.


Download our KeepCup Brochure 

 Download your KeepCup Brochure here

Click the image above to view all colours and pantone references available.  Find the perfect KeepCup to match your own company logo.  View specifications of each Keepcup Style.  Learn more about KeepCups.


KeepCup Mugs are made from 20 disposable cups